Ultimate Performance


With precise engineering specific for each application, and world leading manufacturing perfection, it is no surprise that VEEM can warrant incredible performance on every propeller they produce.

Unlike other propeller manufacturers, VEEM delivers an entirely bespoke design for every propeller using their integrated design and manufacturing process. Computer generated design geometry is transferred flawlessly into castings via a patented pattern-less molding technique, and then put through extreme accuracy CNC machining of the entire propeller surface. This guarantees the highest accuracy specific to your vessel and in turn, the highest performance.


Industry-leading geometric accuracy and fairness, and high-strength materials, significantly delay the onset and severity of cavitation.

This allows VEEM propellers to accelerate faster, and achieve high speeds in excess of 50 knots. This is a revolution in propeller technology that extends propeller performance into applications previously dominated by water-jets. This feature of VEEM propellers is becoming more and more important as engine manufacturers increase power density and shipyards optimize hull designs. There is no better way to get power from your engines than with superbly accurate VEEM propellers.


The propulsive efficiency of VEEM propellers is second to none. The freedom our designers enjoy due to VEEM’s proprietary integrated design and manufacturing processes allows the delicate balance of maximum thrust with minimum losses to be carefully and thoroughly considered for every propeller.

Bespoke sections, pitch distribution, profile, skew and tip geometry treatments combine to produce ultra-high efficiency propellers. For displacement vessels this leads to extended range with minimum fuel burn. For high-powered shaft-lines, this leads to maximum transfer of engine power into thrust.


The pressure and suction sides of blades, as well as the root radii and hub, are all 100% CNC machined. The resulting geometry is perfectly symmetric, true to design and features amazing levels of fairness. Accurate geometry and the absence of even the slightest irregularity in the surface virtually eliminates vibration leading to quieter and smoother performance. Every VEEM propeller is dynamically balanced, even though adjustments are rarely required due to geometrical accuracy.


VEEM’s patented Interceptor™ technology allows propellers to be effectively re-pitched without lifting the vessel. A diver can replace the slide-in interceptor strips in minutes, to adjust for variations in vessel displacement, water temperature, hull fouling condition, or even the required operational profile.

The same set of propellers can be optimized for long range cruising or for flat-out speed, according to the owners requirement.