VEEM is constantly pursuing innovation throughout its integrated design and manufacturing processes. One of the most visible innovations at VEEM is the patented Interceptor™  technology. VEEM Interceptor™ technology has revolutionized the propeller industry by enabling the relative pitch of each propeller blade to be altered in situ to enhance performance.

How it works

The Interceptor™ design is an adjustable protrusion on the trailing edge of the pressure face of the blade to produce a surface discontinuity. The protrusion is arranged with an included angle equal to or less than 90 degrees which causes a ‘wedge’ of circulating fluid to be captured. This ‘wedge’ of fluid induces a local increase in lift in this region of the foil section, without the associated frictional drag from alternative foil sections. Furthermore, the effective pitch of the blade foil section is dependent on the relative height of the interceptor strip.

Splash and Forget™

Interceptor™ fitted propellers are at the forefront of fixed pitch propeller technology around the world, allowing users to ‘Splash and Forget™’ their boats by providing adjustments to the relative pitch of their installed propellers whilst the boat is in the water, removing the costly need to lift the boat to have the propellers changed or modified.


Interceptor™ strips come in different heights and shapes, adjusting the relative pitch of each propeller blade and in turn, changing its performance. This means that you can use all the engine power of your vessel regardless of varying conditions like load weight or changing water temperatures.

Propellers for Free?

The cost of lifting a vessel and re-pitching a propeller is very high and is a cost that has to be absorbed by many vessel builders and operators that want to maximize performance and meet class and engine manufacturers requirements. VEEM Interceptor™ technology eliminates this significant cost because pitch can be changed whilst the boat is in the water.

The cost of lifting and re-pitching a propeller can often be higher than the cost of a VEEM propeller. Some of our leading OEM customers report that they save more by avoiding vessel lifts than they spend on our propellers. So when the whole cost of ownership is considered, VEEM propellers are essentially free!

High accuracy 5 Axis CNC machines are used to create the patented ‘dove-tail’ groove which accepts the Interceptor strip.

The new strip is cut to length and inserted. They are long lasting and cheap to replace.

A specifically designed entry point is provided at one end of the groove to facilitate the installation of the Interceptor strip.

The strips can be easily removed using hand tools. The procedure is so easy it can be done under water.

The strips can be easily removed using hand tools. The procedure is so easy it can be done under water. See our guide: how to remove/install interceptor™ strips. 

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