Designed with Precision

VEEM’s innovative pattern-less molding techniques have allowed for incredible precision when it comes to designing unique propulsion systems for vessels around the world. By eliminating old-fashioned patterns from our manufacturing process, our team of propulsion design specialists is free to specify exactly what the vessel needs in order to meet its specific performance requirements.

This means every VEEM propeller is custom designed without manufacturing constraint, to precisely match the requirements of the vessel application. These bespoke designs are supported by decades of real-world experience, in-house CFD and FEA software, and a first-class team of  highly qualified and experienced designers. Our design team are imbedded in our manufacturing facility allowing them to maximise the leverage of the company’s advanced manufacturing processes.

It is no accident that VEEM propellers accelerate faster, achieve the highest speeds,  run smoother,  maximize range,  back-down harder, and perform reliably, with no cavitation, year-in, year-out. These features are engineered into the propellers.

Pattern-less Molding

Every propeller has to be designed to suit individual vessel operations to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. The majority of propellers in the market provide an ‘off the shelf’ range of propellers with limited options to change the principle geometry. These minimal changes don’t always suit the application and they therefore miss out on the optimum design process, which provides the biggest gain in propeller performance and smoothness.

VEEM’s advantage is their patented pattern-less molding and manufacturing techniques used to obtain a casting to absolutely any shape with any principle geometry, quickly and cost effectively.

VEEM’s Naval architects and engineers have over 50 years experience designing high-performance propellers that work to achieve maximum speed and smoothness, specific to your vessel’s characteristics and operating conditions. The benefit of truly custom designed propellers is that performance and efficiency is always optimised and cavitation resistance technology can be applied to suit the category of cavitation you experience and eliminate the effects.

The technology behind pattern-less molding also ensures that identical replacements can be made of propellers that are accurate within microns.

Cavitation Resistance Technology

Marine Propeller Cavitation is one of the propeller industries’ largest concerns when it comes to performance and efficiency. The issue is not always diagnosed properly or treated effectively.

VEEM has been actively engaged in research and development programs with large boat manufacturers for the last decade, researching the causes and effects of cavitation on low-pressure areas under the boats hull. Having developed the skills to accurately identify the cause of cavitation, VEEM set about developing propeller designs that would be highly resistant to this costly and damaging phenomenon.

VEEM propellers enjoy unrivalled success in the war against damaging cavitation erosion on vessels of all makes and sizes, at speeds even above 50 knots! VEEM’s cavitation free propellers help boat builders save millions of dollars per year in warranty claims and are yet another cost saving feature of VEEM propellers.

CFD and FEA Analysis Software

VEEM are one of just a handful of manufacturers in the world that are able to fully utilize in-house CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software to design the optimum propeller for any application.

CFD software simulates the effects of fluid passing around a propeller under different compressible flows and predicts the impact of such flow on the performance of the product. CFD analysis can also offer better insight into the behavior of the propellers under specific circumstances like temperature changes, turbulent flows and gas pressure changes as to better perfect performance and design.

FEA software works to calculate component displacements, strains and stresses of a propeller under internal and external loads. The real-world forces like mechanical stress and vibration, fatigue, heat and fluid flow can be tested under conditions like the ones on your vessel, to show whether a product will wear our or damage during high performance.

VEEM has the ability to break down a real object into a large number of finite elements to predict future behaviors, therefore ensuring long lasting, high performing propellers every time. This service is part of the design process for every propeller, and is the reason why VEEM can boast high speeds, low cavitation and long lasting Propellers.