Fast displacement superyachts are demanding applications for propellers as they require the smoothness, quietness and efficiency of a displacement superyacht propeller along with exceptional acceleration, high top speeds and industry-leading efficiency for longer range and lower fuel burn.

Both the VEEMSuperyacht and the VEEMStar-C are more than equal to this challenge. The VEEMStar-C is a high-performing propeller with significant thrust generation.
The VEEMSuperyacht-Fast with Interceptors™ is a re-imagination of what is possible for fast displacement superyachts. VEEM’s unique 5-axis machining methods allow our designers to marry the features of the VEEMSuperyacht propeller with VEEM’s patented Interceptor technology, creating a whole new breed of propeller. The VEEM helix tip geometry washes off tip vortex drag, minimises pressure fluctuations on the hull, and allows high thrust to be generated with low noise and incredible smoothness.

VEEM Advantages


VEEM’s patented, pattern-less molding technology and 5-axis, 100% complete CNC machining ensures industry leading geometric accuracy of the propeller, hub and root sections. The resulting perfect foil sections, and elimination of any imperfections in the fairness of the blades and boss lead to significantly quieter and smoother delivery of thrust. This accuracy and fairness delays the onset of cavitation, reduces its severity, and ensures that it is stable. The speeds achievable have climbed into the previously inconceivable 50 knot plus range.


VEEM’s patented, pattern-less moulding technology and 5 axle compete CNC machining ensures industry leading geometric accuracy of the propeller, hub and root sections, and therefore performs significantly quieter and smoother in the water. This accuracy also means that there is little to no cavitation on the blades even at high speeds, reducing the level of vibration and noise under the hull of the boat. Every VEEM propeller also incorporates advanced helix blade tip geometry, which cancels tip vortex cavitation, reducing ambient propeller noise (rumbling).


The propulsive efficiency of VEEM propellers is second to none. The freedom our designers enjoy due to VEEM’s proprietary integrated design and manufacturing processes allows the delicate balance of maximum thrust with minimum losses to be carefully and thoroughly considered for every propeller.  Bespoke sections, pitch distribution, profile, skew and tip geometry treatments combine to produce ultra-high efficiency propellers.

Propellers for Fast Displacement Superyachts

VEEMSuperyacht Series
6.0 8.0 10.0 12.0 14.0 16.0 18.0 20.0 22.0 24.0 26.0 28.0 30.0 32.0 34.0 36.0 38.0 40.0 42.0 44.0 46.0 48.0 50.0

Each and every VEEMSuperyacht propeller is a fully bespoke creation. It has been developed in conjunction with several of the world’s largest superyacht manufacturers and is based on design criteria which guarantees extended cruising range, the lowest noise and vibration levels and exceptional propulsive efficiency.

This propeller comes standard with Interceptor™ Technology

VEEMStar Series
6.0 8.0 10.0 12.0 14.0 16.0 18.0 20.0 22.0 24.0 26.0 28.0 30.0 32.0 34.0 36.0 38.0 40.0 42.0 44.0 46.0 48.0 50.0

The VEEMStar-C has been designed specifically for speed. This design continues to out-perform competitors over a wide range of high speed applications. Developed in conjunction with the worlds’ most popular pleasure yacht manufacturers, the VEEMStar-C provides maximum performance, whilst retaining an exceptionally quiet and smooth ride. The largest users of this design are high speed yachts with speeds up to and beyond 50 knots. The secret to the VEEMStar-C lies in it’s ability to maintain a stable and controlled cavitation profile, whilst minimising vortex losses and cavitation noise.

This propeller comes standard with Interceptor™ Technology

VEEM Interceptor™ Technology

VEEM Interceptor™ fitted propellers are at the forefront of fixed pitch propeller technology around the world, allowing users to ‘Splash and Forget™’ their boats by providing adjustments to the relative pitch of their installed propellers without having to lift the boat from the water.

A VEEM Interceptor™ propeller features a ‘dove-tail’ groove on the blade tip of the propeller and an entry point for an Interceptor™ pitch strip.
Interceptor™ strips come in different heights and shapes, adjusting the relative pitch of each propeller blade and in turn, changing its performance.

The VEEM Propeller Calculator

The VEEM Propeller Calculator is the only calculator in the market that can give you a size and price estimate on the spot for your vessel.
Input your vessel information and you will be given the optimal propeller diameter for a given engine and gear ratio selection for any vessel over 26 ft. Try It Now.