VEEM deliver high-quality marine products and services to the military sector. Areas of expertise include propulsion, full shaft-lines, submarine valves, Naval refits and repairs. VEEM’s expertise in propeller design and selection has ensured that VEEM propellers are in service on a large number of high performance military vessels. With VEEM’s quality management system, extensive experience in the application of Naval Engineering Standards and N.A.T.A.(National Association of Testing Authorities) accreditation, you can rely on VEEM products even in the most demanding service environments.

Military applications require classification approved products of high quality. VEEM’s internal processes are pre-approved by many classification societies without third party inspection. Military systems require reliability whilst providing efficiency and performance. VEEM’s technology driven manufacturing processes, and ability to provide complete shaft-line packages ensures that a cost effective solution is met.

VEEM offers fully customizable design for military projects or can build to custom designs and specifications.

VEEM Advantages


Industry-leading geometric accuracy and high-strength materials allow VEEM propellers to achieve high speeds in excess of 50 knots with little to no signs of cavitation erosion on the blades. VEEM provides a unique, fully customized bespoke design for every propeller. This is made possible by the VEEM patented, pattern-less molding and 100% CNC machining of the complete blade area and boss. Because we do not use physical patterns, our propeller design specialists are free to specify a propeller design that is precisely tailored to each customers’ requirements. This guarantees the highest performance for each project.


The propulsive efficiency of VEEM propellers is second to none. The freedom our designers enjoy due to VEEM’s proprietary integrated design and manufacturing processes allows the delicate balance of maximum thrust with minimum losses to be carefully and thoroughly considered for every propeller.  Bespoke sections, pitch distribution, profile, skew and tip geometry treatments combine to produce ultra-high efficiency propellers.


VEEM’s patented, pattern-less molding technology and 5-axis, 100% complete CNC machining ensures industry leading geometric accuracy of the propeller, hub and root sections. The resulting perfect foil sections, and elimination of any imperfections in the fairness of the blades and boss lead to significantly quieter and smoother delivery of thrust. This accuracy and fairness delays the onset of cavitation, reduces its severity, and ensures that it is stable. The speeds achievable have climbed into the previously inconceivable 50 knot plus range.