Every VEEM propeller is a bespoke creation, custom designed without manufacturing constraint, to precisely match the requirements of your vessels. Our first-class team of highly qualified and experienced designers work with boat builders and OEMs all over the world to maximise the performance of their vessels. With in-house CFD and FEA software and a suite of manufacturing innovations, VEEM propellers accelerate faster, achieve the highest speeds, run smoother, maximize range, back-down harder, and perform reliably year-in, year-out.


Industry-leading geometric accuracy and high-strength materials allow VEEM propellers to achieve high speeds in excess of 50 knots with little to no signs of cavitation erosion on the blades. VEEM provides a unique, fully customized bespoke design for every propeller. This is made possible by the VEEM patented, pattern-less molding and 100% CNC machining of the complete blade area and boss. Because we do not use physical patterns, our propeller design specialists are free to specify a propeller design that is precisely tailored to each customers’ requirements. This guarantees the highest performance for each project.


VEEM offers the easiest purchase of propellers in the market with an advanced e-business web portal that allows you to select, quote, order, monitor and track all purchases online.

This, alongside VEEM’s advanced pattern-less molding and CNC machining, means that identical replacements of propellers can be ordered by part number online and they are guaranteed to be exactly the same within microns. No other manufacturer can guarantee such accuracy.


Side to side, boat to boat, year to year, VEEM Propellers are identical within microns due to advanced CNC machining and patented pattern-less moulding. VEEM Propellers are the only manufacturer in the world that can guarantee absolutely identical propellers every time because they offer 5 axle CNC machining over every millimeter of the propeller including hub and root sections. The pattern-less manufacturing techniques also ensures exact replicas because each mould is fashioned using computer-generated technology that produces castings with even amounts of “green”. This means a more accurate propeller due to more even stress relieving during the machining process. Now propellers can be ordered by part number and there is a guarantee that they will be absolutely identical for replacements or twin-screw vessels, now and in the future.

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